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Saturday, May 24, 2008

|+| rongeng @ Port Dickson [PD]

--> salam, post kali ini xde kaitan ngan bisnes pon... so aku letak la post ni labels under :: ADMIN [D-oNe] dan bukan labels :: PHOTOGRAPHY..heh....

- ni pasal kiteorg g rongeng kat PD... al-kisahnye bermula dengan firm [ATSA] kiteorg praktikal tu ader wat family day under diorg punye sport club, then we all join la (sorang je pon geng D-oNe praktikal kat sini)

- ni la tempat kiteorg stay...Blue Lagoon @ PD

- recommended! ala, gerai ni bebetul kat seaside blakang Blue Lagoon, bole layan "view" n pisang goreng PAWA....

- sory geng wa wat kije sesorg..heh
- kiteorg duk kat sane 2hari 1mlm je....
- 10th MAY 2008 masa kejadian..
- pape lagi korang leh gi ke tuliz photography [] tuk gambr yg lebey pawa dengan DSLR quality... *tu pon kalau dia dah upload gambar gi PD ni...

:: [D-oNe] BY DEEN

Friday, May 23, 2008

|+| PHOTO-CERT kiosk . . .

>> This is our last year project, where there is a developer wanna introduce PHOTO-CERT (photography certificate) to our local government for " visit Malaysia events "

- client: private company [lupa la nama ape....bisnes kad pon dh ilang..heh]
- task: design a kiosk that simple and intersting for tourist; can occupied at least 3 people; including spaces for computer, printer and camera;
- duration: 1day (emergency dateline)
- software: sketchup 6

*this project have 2 options -interior kiosk and exterior kiosk (enclosed). . .
:: [ D-oNe ] BY DEEN

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

|+| v-deo multimedia on RETIREMENT SEMINAR . . .

- client: university student

- task: short introduction video for seminar " elderly 1:1 "

- duration: 2days

- software: ulead video studio 9 + adobe after affect 7.0

*little old couple who wanna go to KOTA BHARU...huhu

:: [ D-oNe ] BY DEEN